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Team Target

Team Target

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Team Target is a Business Mirror with addresses competitive, team based, negotiation and communication skills

Number of Participants: 6 - 12

Running Time: 90 – 120 mins

Key Benefits

  • Emphasis upon negotiation and influencing skills
  • Meets a huge variety of learning outcomes
  • Easy to use and very portable
Main Concept

Team Target is a team-based, competitive Experiential Learning Tool which rewards the achievement of targets against a background of changing pressures generated by resource availability, relative success, allocated responsibility and individual competence in a variety of roles. It places emphasis upon appropriate aspects of team and individual performance. The key skills developed are negotiation and arbitration.

Pressure is placed upon each participant within a group setting, developing the roles of arbitrators and negotiators within each team. The exercise is competitive; the winning team being the one that has utilised individual skills and team strategy to score most heavily against their prescribed targets. Team Target asserts the importance of strategy and tactics that respond to change. The exercise explores and manages issues of trust, teamwork, honesty, and fairness, dependant upon respective responsibility.

Team Target

• Underlines the skills needed for decisions based on integrity and accountability in both negotiation and arbitration
• Develops inter-personal skills for needed for successful negotiation
• Demonstrates how to effectively create and develop influencing skills
• Illustrates the effects of completion and collaboration performance, by creating individual and team responsibility where appropriate
• Demonstrates the balance of managing impartiality and self-interest
• Show participants the long-term effects of current behaviour


• Can be used repeatedly as teams develop and refine strategy
• Produces cost and time-effective results
• Adds a dynamic and creative dimension to any training repertoire
• Review process is included within the exercise
• Flexible timescale offering fixed period, open-ended or phased formats
• Flexible number of participants
• Easy to use and fits in a briefcase!

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