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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

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Supply Chain is a Business Mirror addressing organisational complexities, and the need to balance personal and organisational goals in order to achieve success.

Number of Participants: 9 - 12

Running Time: 40 mins (Flexible)

Supply Chain introduces participants to the potential conflict between individual and team goals. It also depicts the significance of networking and communication and their critical role in team performance. Supply Chain raises significant questions about the network of relationships within the team and the team’s contact with other key groups inside and outside of the business. The effects of individual actions can have a considerable impact on others in the team and good coordination and communication is required to ensure a successful outcome.

The review of the exercise emphasises the need to understand what others need in order to be effective and to be open about your own resources and support needs. We will use this model of networking as an opportunity to explore how they, individually and together, build and develop their working relationships and develop the mutual support and challenge that enables them to be effective in what they do.

  • Supply Chain illustrates the impact of ‘unseen’ decision-making upon a large structure
  • Develops skills in diagnosing and resolving problems in and making efficient use of customer/supplier relationships
  • Enables users to quickly and actively define working relationships in a safe environment
  • Offers the opportunity to adapt thinking styles and procedure in order to maintain effective networks
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