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Signlines is a compact and challenging Business Mirror, addressing group management and communication.

Number of Participants: 6 - 30

Running Time: 30 - 40 Minutes (plus review)

Key Benefits

  • Team-work exercise
  • Mirrors team based project work in real life working environments
  • Develops variety of skills
  • Portable & easy to use
Main Concept

Signlines is a lively, energetic team exercise which explores communication, the management of information and the planning and implementation of a strategy. It is a challenging activity which encourages a group to use well-organised communication systems and processes to sort and remember the information needed to complete team and project based work from individual components.

Signlines, within group dynamics, raises questions such as:

  • "How do we learn to see the bigger picture?"
  • "How do I know where I fit into this whole system?"
  • "How do I identify and build relationships with the people who are most significant to me?"
  • "How do new organisations establish shared and agreed operating procedures- and then implement them quickly and effectively?"
The element of competitiveness that inevitably develops raises energy, which does not detract from the team work behaviour which is sought due to the inbuilt review process. On completion Signlines acts as an ideal metaphor highlighting the importance of communication, problem-solving, organisation and leadership within a team environment.

Signlines increases awareness of
• Information seeking and explanation
• Working under time pressure
• The relevance of effective planning
• The effectiveness of process reviews in team activity

Signlines develops
• Communication of a common meaning, through emphasis upon both providing and receiving feedback, as well as active and reflective listening to ensure understanding.
• The management of information flow between individuals, sub-groups and the entire team by building upon existing sorting, and structuring of, information skills.
• Problem solving skills, specifically: eliciting and evaluating possible courses of action, the capacity to complete simultaneous activities, and the illustrating of the need for rehearsal of processes before they ‘go live’
• Understanding of team organisation and effective group management.
• Awareness of individual needs, contributions and input within a pressured team environment


• Portable and easy to use
• Ideal for workshops, teamworking events and induction programmes
• A fast route to powerful and transferable learning
• Attractive, absorbing and challenging
• Versatile enough to meet a wide range of learning objectives
• Supplied with clear instructions
• Mirrors real life environments in a miniature time scale.

From the facilitator’s point of view Signlines is a gift: easy to set up and explain, and provides a rich ‘hands-on’ learning exercise. I applaud its versatility, creativity and sheer good fun – hurray for future factory learning!”

Kirsty Leishman,
Associate Director of The Change Partnership Scotland

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