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Shelving is a group problem-solving Business Mirror, that requires an initial strategy to be developed by participants and strong teamwork to complete.

Number of Participants: 3 - 15

Running Time: 45 - 50 mins (plus review)

Key points:

  • Develops team planning and strategy skills
  • Shelving stimulates ‘Learning from experience’ and mirrors planning processes
  • Easy to use, fun and has wide applicability
Main Concept:

Shelving relates largely to the planning and implementation strategy, and is split into three key stages – reflecting the planning process of any team based project. Various learning outcomes and skills are addressed: firstly a group must decide upon a plan for collation of information; secondly the group organise and classify the collated information through a system of trial and error; and finally the group must complete a pressured, time restricted compilation exercise.

Particular focus is upon developing skills in order to identify manpower and resources sufficiently to plan and implement a well-developed strategy that must succeed straight off and without delay. The nature of the task is to ‘learn from experience’, when the genuine constraints participants are under provide parallels with workplace planning and decision-making procedures. It also highlights the importance of individual contributions to group task achievement.


  • Develops the skills necessary for successful in-depth planning and underlines the importance of advance preparation.
  • Refines skills applicable to projects with a period of trial and error testing and the refinement and rehearsal of a detailed implementation plan.
  • Illustrates how crucial accurate storage, recollection and use of information is to any project team or workplace
  • Identifies how different learning styles and transferable skills can be applied to project development
  • Encourages participants to set clear and achievable objectives
  • Is particularly apt for staff at operational level in any organisation, as well as higher management levels
  • Quick and easy route to underline the importance of and develop team based skills
  • Can be used in a variety of settings
  • Supplied with clear instructions
  • Easy to use and fun for all participants
  • Highly flexible for all types of team events
  • Also part of ‘Quality Jam’ package
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