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Road Mapping

Road Mapping

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Road Mapping is a Business Mirror which can help participants work through discussions relating to their individual, team or organisational experience.

Number of Participants: 6-8

Running Time: 90 minute

Key Benefits

  • Strategic planning & problem solving exercise
  • Encourages innovation and creative thinking
  • Involves negotiating and influencing
Main Concept

Road Mapping is a process tool which can be applied to help participants to work through any discussions relating to their individual, team or organisational experience of the past or expectations of the future.

In this context, we use the Road Mapping process to enable participants to consider the shared journey which lies ahead of them as they move towards the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) business targets or previously agreed organisational goals. This session offers huge scope for each participant to understand, relate to and integrate those targets into their own future planning.

Business targets are, for many people, a set of externally driven ‘challenges’ which they feel exist at some distance from their own day-to-day contribution to the organisation. This shared task moves each participant to recognise what the targets actually mean, the implications for them individually and as a team, and the individual and team behaviours which they will need to demonstrate and sustain if they are to be successful.

The process, used ahead of a question and answer session, enables thoughtful and intelligent questions to be asked and highlights areas where there may be potential problems ahead. This enables the whole team to anticipate and avoid these pitfalls, or build a strategy for dealing with them should they arise.

The second part of the process enables participants to consider the resources they already have, individually and together, (skills, experience, talent, networks, etc) which they can draw on as they move towards achievement of the year’s targets.

The ‘road map’ and symbols which are provided are designed to help participants to structure their thinking about the future - the journey ahead. The roadway acts as a time-line and the symbols form the start point for annotating the ‘journey’ which the participants will undertake individually or together.

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