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Cubism is a set of two games, ‘The Cube Puzzle’ and ‘Replica’ that focus upon and develops accurate communication skills, support and trust networks.

Number of Participants: 3 - 10

Running Time: 60 minutes plus review

Key points: 

  • Primary focus upon information sharing and communication
  • Two games in one: therefore meets huge variety of learning outcomes
  • Small timescale, applicable to many working environments

Main Concept:

Cubism is a set of two games, ‘The Cube Puzzle’ and ‘Replica’ that focus upon and develop accurate communication skills and support and trust networks respectively. Both games compliment each other and are an ideal and versatile exercise for senior management or department teams looking to develop a variety of skills within a short time scale.

Main Concept: The Cube Puzzle:

The Cube Puzzle focuses upon the integrity and quality of information passed between individuals; underlining the need for recognition of inter-dependence and conscientious decision making within a team environment. Crucially this exercise illustrates that individuals and their decisions have far reaching consequences upon other participants by mirroring real flows of information and decision making processes. Each participant has a limited amount of information of the whole group task, forcing them to develop communication skills in order to succeed.

Participants are bound be time constraints and the extent to which this pressure affects teamwork and trust comes into sharp focus during the drive to make sense of limited and sometimes contradictory information.

The Cube Puzzle:

  • Provides a thought-provoking analysis of existing communication and leadership skills
  • Establishes and develops effective channels of communication so important information is accessible
  • Illustrates the positive and negative aspects of team behaviour, highlighting in particularly the effects of competitive and collaborative behaviour within a team
Main Concept: Replica:

Replica looks at several different aspects of the behaviour of teams under conditions of strict regulation and results pressure. It also raises issues of support - how do you deal with individuals who make errors or lack confidence in their own judgement or memory? Can we avoid blame if errors are made? Replica develops team communication and support networks.

The exercise depends upon careful observation and accurate retention of information, and the ability to communicate succinctly in a pressured environment.


  • Develops skills in manpower planning and strategic thinking
  • Identifies different skills within different people, and illustrates strengths and weaknesses of participants.
  • Increases awareness of the importance of individuals and their inherent skills within a team oriented environment.
  • Allows participants practice of conflict management techniques, in both small and large groups, illustrating clearly how groups manage conflict
  • Reveals and underlines the importance of issues of trust in the workplace
The exercise requires effective manpower planning. Who is confident and skilled in remembering visual information? What is the best sequence to use? Do we retain people for checking the finished product?


Cubism Package Benefits:

  • Portable and simple to set up and administer
  • Supplied with clear instructions and review suggestions
  • A fast route to powerful and transferable learning
  • Meets a multitude of learning outcomes for team based work
  • Attractive, absorbing and challenging
  • Also part of ‘Quality Jam’ Package
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