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Creative Connections

Creative Connections

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Creative Connections is a Business Mirror designed to address and develop the behaviours necessary to make associations between disparate items and concepts.

Number of Participants: 4 - 8

Running Time: 30 - 40 mins

Key Benefits 

  • Elevates existing creative and lateral thinking skills
  • Reflects the modern workplace
  • Portable and easy to use
Main Concept

Creative Connections addresses the behaviours necessary to make associations between disparate items and concepts. The main aim is for participants to seek creative problem-solving techniques; giving a telling indication of the creative thinking abilities of individuals and groups involved. By stretching the existing abilities and attributes of participants, the exercise develops a greater awareness of a multitude of creative thinking skills. The combination of fun activity and the numerical score derived from each use of Creative Connections makes this Experiential Learning Tool ideal to return to again and again in order to indicate and stimulate the development of creative thinking.

Using stimuli to invoke wide-ranging thinking and cross-referencing, Creative Connections leads to an innovative exploration of thinking that accurately reflects modern working practices.

Creative Connections 

  • Encourages participants to ‘think out of the box’ by promoting lateral thinking and creativity
  • Challenges existing thought processes and techniques by energising individual styles of brainstorming and cross-referencing
  • Develops existing skills in problem-solving and team working
  • Increases awareness of differentiation between and within customer transactions
  • Is a mirror of real-life working environments and quickly establishes transferable skills among participants
  • Easy to use and fun for all participants
  • Highly flexible for all types of team events
  • Ideal to use again and again (repeatable even with the same participants)
  • Ready to use, needing no additional facilities
  • Appropriate for groups of 4 – 8
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